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It begins with Nancy Seaberry Frost, who left her musical mark on Texas communities with a
Sebastian Klotz violin. While enjoying a career in music ensembles, both as a concert master
and performer of the Bach Double Violin Concerto with Grammy award-winning John Maltese,
Nancy provided west Texas and beyond with more than 50 years of beautiful stringed music.
With Nancy’s passing, the rare violin continued to be more than an instrument; it became a
treasure that introduced her love of music to children and fostered a legacy with the
establishment of The Nancy Seaberry Frost Arts Endowment. In 1999, the Frost Estate shared
the proceeds of the sale of the Klotz violin to create the endowment. The NSF Arts Music
Scholarship Program and the Community Performances Program add to this rich legacy by
creating and sharing music with future generations.